Benefit With Us

By choosing Fehons Grow as your cloud accountant, you will benefit in numerous ways. From cutting down the costs of your accounting expenses to personalised services and human interaction that it is hard to find to other cloud accounting firms. Our strongest point is that accounting is not just numbers for us. It is a tool to help you achieve your business goal faster and better.

Check your benefits if you choose us

Working with Fehons Grow means that you will benefit from:

  • Lower bookkeeping and account keeping costs
  • BAS’s and other Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requirements taken care of
  • Management of key performance indicators
  • Access to a professional accounting firm and Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Monthly Profit and Loss reporting
  • Monthly comparative reporting
  • Data linked to our cloud accounting software
  • All files reviewed by Fehons (NSW) Pty Ltd Chartered Accountants
  • Personalised services at a fixed price

Check the benefits in detail

Why we can offer you the above benefits? How we conduct our business to achieve these benefits? Check the details below to find out more!

Lower bookeeping and account keeping costs

With the use of cloud accounting we can lower the cost of our bookeeping and account keeping services. We don’t need to use, support and maintain expensive client/server software for you at our premises anymore.  All the tools we need and you need are accessed, supported and maintained by our cloud accounting software providers in secure cloud servers.

BAS’s and other Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requirements taken care of

Our 50 years accounting experience made us efficient in reading, interpreting and applying the Australian Taxation Office requirements to your business in a fast and efficient way. We provide taxation advice to more than 300 client in Sydney area, around Australia and overseas. With us you can combine our taxation expertise with the speed of cloud accounting to get the best tax advise at the best rate.

Management of key performance indicators

Your business needs financial data. You need to have access to key performance indicators anytime, anywhere. With cloud accounting software you can have access to all these indicators. And we can have access too. Together, with real-time collaboration. You can be on the phone or instant messaging with us and both be looking at your files, allowing us to quickly and easily explain insights or troubleshoot. This collaborative process can also lead to insights and intelligence faster than traditional accounting practices. That means less cost for us and better planning and instant results for you.

Access to a professional accounting firm and Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Since 1964 and for over 50 years, Fehons (NSW) Pty LTD has been providing accounting services to business and individuals from our Burwood office. Fehons Grow is Fehons 2016 initiative, a new division of the business. We see fehons grow as ‘Electrofication’ ‘and Putting clients on the grid’. Though the use of cloud based applications and bank feeds the accounting process become seamless and you will experience our state-of-the-art accounting services for a lot less.

Monthly Profit and Loss reporting

All cloud accounting software providers offer options for extensive reporting. With us Profit and Loss reporting is not just a piece of paper. Our skilled business consultants will read behind the lines, interpret the data, and give you advise. With our analytical skills we will help you build your business knowledge and intelligence to support your strategic decision. We see profit and Loss reporting as a tool to help you improve your business.

Monthly comparative reporting

Comparative reporting is also vital for any business. As with Profit and Loss reporting, we interpret the data and we provide advise on your weak and strong points, where you did really well and where you need support and guidance. If you see an issue we will come to you proactively, and we will give you business advice to support you on your decision making. We see our comparative reports reading as part of your decision making system.

Data linked to our cloud accounting software

We draw our efficiency from our experience in working with data from versatile resources and on many different cloud accounting software. Your data will be imported on the cloud accounting software and checked thoroughly for inconsistencies and to secure accuracy. We have an eye for detail and you will always have access to accurate, error-free, valid and current data anytime, anywhere. Your data will be backup-up regularly and store to our local drives as well as your cloud accounting system. Thus, we ensure data security and recovery options.

All files reviewed by Fehons (NSW) Pty Ltd Chartered Accountants

Fehons (NSW) Pty Ltd guarantees that you will get professional services by competitive Chartered Accountants. Fehons supports Fehons Grow as its cloud accounting division. For Fehons is a piece of cake to review your files at Chartered Accounting standards. That’s what we do for years now!

Personalised services at a fixed price

Our packages our designed to give you a fixed price for a wide range of services. You know what you are going to pay and what you are going to get. There are no surprises and no hidden costs. Knowing in advance your expenses is important for you and for us. It is important for you so as to control your cash flow and it is important for us so as to know the level of service you need. Our packages are designed to include services that we believe you will need no matter if you are a startup or an established business. They are also designed so as to include personalised services in all 3 packages. This is our competitive advantage. In all three packages, the services provided include the human interaction and the engagement your business need from your Virtual Chief Financial Officer. This is the reason we don’t offer a very cheap initial package. We want all businesses to get a Virtual CFO at an affordable price.