Electrify your business


Electrification is the process of powering by electricity and is usually associated with changing over from another power source.

According to Wikipedia:

The broad meaning of the term, such as in the history of technology and economic history, usually applies to a region or national economy. Broadly speaking, electrification was the build out of the electrical generating and distribution systems which occurred in Britain, the United States, and other countries from the mid-1880s until around 1950 and is in progress in rural areas in some developing countries. This included the change over from line shaft and belt drive using steam engines and water power to electric motors.

We may think what this has to do with accounting? Fehons Grow is about electrification. Fehons Grow is the process of changing your accounting over from the traditional way to the cloud. It is the process to change to a technological infrastructure that allows you to have access to your data anywhere anytime at an affordable fixed price!

Do you want to change the way your accounting is conducting. Electrify your business!!!

Ask Fehons Grow!!

Electrify your business
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