Express your interest

Once you have decided on the right package for you and you signed up you will actually enter “Fehons Grow”, a new way of conducting accounting. Fehons experienced consultants will guide you through the initial process of setting up the cloud environment and importing you data. Check out the process below.

Step 1: Sign Up

At this Fehons Grow stage “Sign Up” works as an expression of interest for one of our packages. After we receive your choice, one of our friendly staff will contact you to arrange an interview. Staff will call you in up to 48 hours (2 business days). We receive a large volume of emails everyday and we put every effort not to miss any emails. However, if you don’t receive any  telephone calls from us in 48 hours please give us a call.

Step 2: Interview

For this interview you will have to bring some basic financial information and more specifically:

  • your last set of financial statements
  • details of all bank accounts
  • details of any credit card accounts.

This information is the initial data that the cloud accounting system needs to work. During the interview we will also discuss with you about your business, your long-term goals and you objectives for the current financial year. Feel free to ask questions and make sure that everything is clear. You will also receive a Fehons Grow Welcome Kit.

Step 3: Cloud accounting set-up

With the information provided to us in Step 2 above, we will set up for you the cloud accounting environment. Fehons Grow is partner with Intuit and we use QuickBooks as the cloud accounting platform. We are trained and continuously supported by Intuit on cloud QuickBooks platform to ensure that we use their software on its full potential, for your own favour. After setting up your account we will email to you, your cloud accounting username and password. You will then be able to connect, review and approve. From this point onwards, we will be able to work together on the same screen by distance.