A Fehons approach in training for small businesses


Last week we re-tweeted an interesting tweet from Intuit Quick Books. The tweet had a link to 10 online business courses worth considering.

This is not the only list of free courses. There are hundreds of free business courses online, that can cover every aspect of your business.

At Fehons we particularly like coursera.org. Their platform is easy to use and navigate and they offer courses from the best Universities around the world. Most of the courses are free. Some of the courses offer a specialisation at a very low cost. A recent search in Coursera database using the keyword “Business”, returned 280 courses.

At Fehons, we use free training opportunities for our staff. Two of the members of Fehons “family”, including Fehons Director,  have a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in addition to their professional skills. Therefore, Fehons has a commitment in searching for training and courses that will improve employees skills and knowledge. We also, pass training information to our clients when relevant.

Michael Wilson, Fehons Director, attended the coursera course “Grow for Greatness” in 2014. He believes it was a positive experience.

As a director and business owner, I am always interested in finding ways of improving my business. I don’t have time and I need a type of training that is flexible, at my own pace. I was suggested this course and I just watched the videos for each week. It was an interesting experience. It was hard to motivate my self at the beginning but it was a worthwhile experience.

Other Fehons employees, attended online courses related to their job description with positive outcome for them, the business and their clients. Some of the staff have a specialisation in online training and they are happy to assist you with your training needs by suggesting free online training opportunities. Keep an eye on our blog. As training is our “love”, we will often be posting interesting information.

There are hundreds  of free online opportunities for quality training and we advise small businesses  to take these opportunities to improve their employees skills, knowledge as well as their strategy and vision.

A Fehons approach in training for small businesses
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