Choose the right package

Our packages are versatile and designed to cover your needs with compromise on the quality of the service. The packages comoditise our traditional services offered to our clients for more than 50 years. Choosing the right package is very important. Only by choosing the right package you will acquire the services that you need. You can always downgrade or upgrade depending on the growth of your business.

Which is the right package for you?


This package suits a sole trader having a small business, such as conveyancing, with a maximum of 100 transactions in a month. This is about 25 transactions in a week, which can be split approximately into invoicing 15 jobs and purchasing 10 expenses. So if you are operating a small business with simple transactions, this package will be ideal.


If you are a a growing small business with a maximum of 250 transactions in a month, this package is for you. This is about 60 transactions in a week that  can be split approximately into invoicing 30 jobs and purchasing 30 expenses. The power of the package is in the combination of Fehons Services that are provided to your business to help you interpret your financial data and make the right business decisions. This is the package to choose to grow your business!


This package suits any type of business from small growing, up to medium and large sized businesses with unlimited transactions. By choosing this option you will get advanced financial services such as inventory management and advice on the strategy of your business. Fehons will be your virtual Chief Financial Officer that will work with your accountants, to identify areas of improvement and suggest changes. We have been virtual CFOs for many businesses that experience growth. Please refer to some testimonials on More customer success stories to be uploaded shortly!

Important Note

If you have a much larger business with or needs that are not included in the above packages, we have extra services to cater for these extra needs.  Contact us for a free consultation.