This page will be your “Fehons Grow” and IntuitQuick Books learning hub. We will upload “Support” Information very shortly. Once you will “Sign Up” to a package you will be receiving regularly notifications about new material on Fehons Grow Support page.

Support Advice 1: How to Sign Up and what to do after signing up

To sign up in one of our packages please use our “Sign Up” form. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Fill the Sign Up form
  2. Call Fehons, if you don’t receive a telephone call in 2 business days, to confirm they have received your application
  3. Book an interview
  4. Bring your last set of financial statement
  5. Bring details of all bank accounts
  6. Bring details of any credit card accounts
  7. Connect to QuickBooks cloud accounting solution when you receive your username and password from Fehons
  8. Review your data
  9. Confirm your data
  10. Start working with Fehons Grow!!