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After this very first experience, it is more likely to jump in to another webinar related to accounting in the future.

Hans, Tax Accountant, Fehons (NSW) Pty Ltd

Hans, together with other Fehons staff, attended the first Pathway to Certification webinar delivered by Intuit training department.

The main goal of this webinar was to get familiar with a few essentials of QuickBooks Online including:

  • Getting set up – new users and user preferences
  • How to use QuickBooks Online Accountant in our practice/firm
  • Who is right for QuickBooks Online and how to select clients
  • Running a live demonstration of invoicing, receipt capture + more on a mobile device and more

Fehons staff, by attending this webinar they:

  • Gained product confidence and become familiar in QuickBooks Online
  • Earned one status credit towards Intuit ProAdvisor directory status. It’s where small businesses look for accountants and bookkeepers specialising in QuickBooks Online
  • Earned 1 CPE credit

The duration of the webinar was 1.5 hours.

For Hans, one of Fehons Tax Accountants, this webinar was his very first online experience. We interviewed him so as to share his experience and his opinion about online training, a new way to keep our professional currency and competency.


After your first webinar experience, do you think webinars are more effective than face-to-face classroom professional training?

I like the webinar experience. I didn’t have to travel. I didn’t have to change my daily plans, I saved time. I think this is the biggest advantage.


Are there any disadvantages?

Definitely yes. The virtual classroom interaction wasn’t easy. All questions were answered at the end of the session. There were no breaks at all during the session. In a classroom situation, we can interact with the trainer during the session and the sessions are smoother because of this.


Do you prefer webinars to face-to-face training?

Now that I know what they are about, I prefer webinars because they save time. They are handy. They are easy.


Did you find the particular seminar interesting?

It was interesting. The content was balanced. Not too much theory and not too mach practical things about QuickBooks online. A good balance.


What was the most interesting part of the webinar?

I learnt a lot about online businesses, not just online accounting. I learnt how online accounting fits in an online business. It was a good introduction to online businesses in general. It was also interesting how to migrate data between online systems. Generally speaking it was a very good introduction to the online business environment.


After this first experience, how likely is it that you will attend another webinar in the future?

I think I improved my “online” literacy! So, it is easier for me to jump in to another webinar, to improve my competency and keep my accounting skills up to scratch.


Thank you Hans for participating in this interview and for your valuable feedback.


Webinars: Keep your skills up to date
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